Predicting the Future of Global Medicine

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With the increasing shortage of physicians and medical teams around the world, the wealth of data accumulated in Israel’s ecological system is the basis for the development of automated diagnostic tools that predict the future of global medicine

By Professor Kira Radinsky Director of Data Science, eBay and Israel’s Chief Scientist

Israeli tradition has long been known for its deep belief in tikkun olam – improving the world and building a model society. Israel has long shown its dedication to social justice through its healthcare systems, providing care for any and all, while digitalizing data at an accelerating rate. This data has been accumulating for 20 years and serves today as a groundbreaking change in the way healthcare can be provided to Israelis.

The AI Preventive Care Revolution

For the first time in history, a medical system can study its patients statistically for long periods of time and provide insights originating from big data to better predict diseases. The prevention of illness is playing an ever-larger part in the Israeli medical ecosystem, as startups and homegrown initiatives of the health organizations are building digitalized solutions to intervene and protect people from chronic disease as early as their birth. Clalit have been developing tools to monitor diseases and predict acute myeloid leukaemia risk, while Maccabi presented an AI system that is able to predict the presence of colon cancer from a simple blood test.

The AI Personalized Treatment

The wealth of data is opening possibilities for true personalized medicine. Maccabi has been building tools to personalize drug treatment for hypertensive patients. Based on the large data accumulated they are able  to present recommendations in real time to the medical provider, suggesting which drugs will best affect the specific patients at hand.

Numerous solutions and companies have also focused on genetic-based personalized treatment. Armed with comprehensive genomic databases, companies like FDNA leverage AI to detect physiological patterns that reveal disease-causing genetic variations. These can change the game for personalized treatment and preventive medicine by simply looking at one’s face.

Global Medicine Breakthroughs Based on Big Data

The data accumulated by this ecosystem provides medical insights that can serve not only Israeli citizens, but also provide real breakthroughs in medical discoveries. Several studies have now been initiated to create algorithms to identify drugs that have association and causation with negative and adverse symptoms.

Decision Support Systems

With the growing shortage in doctors and medical staff in the world, the wealth of anonymized patient data accumulated in the Israel ecosystem serves as a basis for developing automated diagnosis tools that represent the future of medicine. Examples include automated radiologist solutions such as ZebraMed and AIdoc, which provide a support tool for medical providers via data and diagnostics.

Revolutions come from need, and the medical system is in need. The growing, aging population with limited access to medicine limits our chances for a fair society, where each person has the same right to live. Israel has all the resources to lead this change in the world and to bring tikkun olam.

Prof Kira Radinsky

The Author
Professor Kira Radinsky is a member of the Steering Committee for the first Big DataTLV event in Israel to focus on HealthCare on April 16, 2019, in the Wohl Convention Center, in front of Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, in the heart of Innovation Nation, Israel READ MORE


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  1. Alex Melamud

    Dear Prof. Radinsky,
    I was very inspired by your presentation during OCsummit last week. For us, it comes on time. We are here in Melcap Systems treating Overweight and Obesity. Melcap is an Israeli medical device/ digital health startup, developed a novel, cost-effective, bioelectronic, wireless ingestible capsule system for the treatment of Obesity and Overweight individuals. See our website: or visit our YouTube channel for explanation animation: We have already launched the First in Human Clinical trials in Israel Hospital.
    We use disposable capsule for delivering electrical stimulations to the inner part of the stomach and gut, which give the user the filling of being full and reduces the urge to eat more. We have several projects – one for the one day stay in the stomach and other for longer retention – 7-10 days. We frequently measure several physiological parameters and collect the data via the wearable unit and user smartphone. Having a massive amount of data for one patient and gathering data of future millions of users could help to develop a unique AI-based algorithm, which allows our users to overcome obesity.
    Is it possible to discuss this project with you during Big Data conference?
    Best Regards, Dr.Alex Melamud, Melcap Systems, CEO

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